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The Secret in Their Eyes – Trailer

I saw this film recently, and was properly impressed.  I know, I was only a year late, considering it won the honors of Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2010.  The film is from Argentina, which makes something of a hybrid, half mainstream, half independent.

If the film had been made in this country, it might have starred a younger Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro, along with Catherine Zeta Jones or Angelina Jolie (if they could act), or perhaps Laura San Giacomo.  As it is, the Argentine production features Ricardo Darín and Soledad Villamil (the latter being a dark, sultry beauty who splits her time between films, television and a singing career – but apparently everyone in the Argentine film industry moonlights).

Darin I’d seen previously in “Nine Queens,” which was remade in this country as “Criminal,” with John C. Reilly in the leading role.  (I recommend both versions.  They’re along the same lines as David Mamet’s “Heist,” without the usual Mamet gingerbread.)

“The Secret in Their Eyes” co-stars Guillermo Francella, who is apparently the Rodney Dangerfield of Argentina.  You wouldn’t know it here.  He plays a convincing drunk (with a wry sense of humor, of course) on a collision course with an untimely end.

There are several good reasons to watch this film.  Watch it, you’ll discover your own.  If nothing else, it looks as though it might be a good prep for another Ricardo Darín vehicle being released in this country this year, “Carancho.”

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