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Last Night – Trailer

I know this must be a sophisticated film because the four principal players speak with four different accents.  According to my research (which was minimal), “Last Night” is a joint French-American production, rather like the first Gulf War, and the recent enforcement of the no-fly zone over Libya.  As in those ventures, I have to assume that the Americans have assumed the leadership role, as the film was shot in English.

Of course, English would guarantee a naturally wider distribution, so it might be down to nothing more than that.  Werner Herzog has taken to shooting his films in English in recent years (one waxes nostalgic for Herzog’s golden era when he focused on low budget period pieces starring the late Klaus Kinski), and Woody Allen continues to shoot in English, even though he’s become, for all intents and purposes, a European filmmaker.

Kiera Knightly seems to be the centerpiece in this film (or maybe she’s simply the one who’s made the most indelible impression on my visual cortex), although the plot revolves around a quartet: young couple whose monogamous fortitude is unexpectedly tested, and a pair of young hopefuls doing the testing. Imagine “Eyes Wide Shut” shot in real time rather than slo-mo, and you’ll get the idea.

It’s all very symmetrical, which is probably the result of the French influence.  The trailer is cut teasingly, with  a downbeat ending implied, which is deinfinitely very French.  Imagine Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in this, with Ron Howard at the helm, and there would definitely be a larger portion of schmaltz baked into the mixture, along with a few more laughs.

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